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Rebuild the ABC NOW!

The Labor Government is well aware of the shortfall in ABC funding. Leaks from the KPMG report on ABC funding reveal the ABC needs an additional $125.8 m for the next 3 years just to continue at its current depleted level of operation. The commercial creep is on as the ABC seeks to supplement its inadequate funds with commercial activities.

Write to Prime Minister Rudd: Ask how the Labor Government will adequately fund the ABC and keep it commercial-free. Ask what it will do in the forthcoming May Federal Budget to rebuild the ABC.

The Honourable Kevin Rudd MP, Prime Minister, Parliament House, Canberra 2600.


ABC Management Lost the Plot Charging for ABC Services

“ABC management has lost the plot,” said Friends of the ABC National Spokesperson, Professor Alan Knight, when commenting on  ‘ABC Shop Downloads’, the new service for which the public will have to pay to access online ABC content.

“ABC heads clearly no longer regard the public as citizens to whom the ABC has a responsibility to provide quality information and entertainment. Instead they are treating the broadcaster’s audiences as consumers  to be exploited to make a buck.

“The ABC is not meant to be a money-making operation. New technology should be embraced to promote the community’s access to the national broadcaster, not used to exploit them. “The ABC’s decision to introduce a service in which the public will pay to download ABC programming undermines the right which all in the community must have to access their national public broadcaster.

“Charging for this service also raises serious questions about the ABC’s use of public monies. The community has already paid through their taxes for ABC content to be produced. They should not be required to pay for it again,” said Professor Knight.

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Begin 2009 by supporting our ABC

Friends of the ABC aims to defend and promote the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in its vital role as Australia’s independent national broadcaster. We oppose all efforts to censor the ABC, or to compromise its independence through the introduction of advertising.

  • Click here to join the Friends of the ABC mailing list (operated by FABC NSW)
  • Friends of the ABC operates in all States and Territories. Information about our polices and activities can be obtained through this site, which has a search engine and links to the web sites of the various State and Territory organisations.
  • Your chance to influence the future of the ABC.  Click here for information on how to make a submission to the inquiry into the future of the ABC.

An article in Online Opinion headed , “Sell the ABC“. It provoked
65 comments with a strong call of support for the ABC. Add your voice and support to this forum.

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