Begin 2009 by supporting our ABC

Friends of the ABC aims to defend and promote the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) in its vital role as Australia’s independent national broadcaster. We oppose all efforts to censor the ABC, or to compromise its independence through the introduction of advertising.

  • Click here to join the Friends of the ABC mailing list (operated by FABC NSW)
  • Friends of the ABC operates in all States and Territories. Information about our polices and activities can be obtained through this site, which has a search engine and links to the web sites of the various State and Territory organisations.
  • Your chance to influence the future of the ABC.  Click here for information on how to make a submission to the inquiry into the future of the ABC.

An article in Online Opinion headed , “Sell the ABC“. It provoked
65 comments with a strong call of support for the ABC. Add your voice and support to this forum.


1 Response to “Begin 2009 by supporting our ABC”

  1. 1 Desmond Derrington June 18, 2008 at 9:34 pm

    1. How do I join Friends of the ABC in Queensland?

    2. I am concerned as to the sensationalizing of news and current affairs on the ABC, from whom one might expect a better approach. Now, they are beginning to put words into the mouth of people being interviewed. Strangely, the words are exaggerated, and often, the interviewee is disinclined to offer an amendment because of his/her situation (in an unfamiliar position). Do other “Friends” feel the same way? Several of my friends do so.
    3. Although I have no interest in the religion, I was quite unhappy at the treatment by the religious affairs presenter recently of the British Buddhist lady who was in Australia to protest against the Dali Lama.

    I should have made these complaints to the ABC, but it was very difficult to find an email address in their complaints page.

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