ABC Open Day – October 11

The ABC Open Day was well attended as usual. The 7pm ABC News estimated 1200 people attended.

It was a beautiful sunny day and our own Ann McGrath was interviewed in her Friends of the ABC T Shirt. It was wonderful to see TV Star Ann McGrath on ABC1 News at 7.20pm. She captured the audience with her intense answers and the visual Friends of the ABC T Shirt was a delight.

Ken Hall working hard

Ken Hall working hard

Of course Ann, along with Ken, Fay, Norm and Ross as well as Bruce, Colleen, Dani, Jono and Rowena from the CPSU helped FABC Qld distribute 600 postcards, 500 Services brochures, 400 car stickers, gather completed postcards and sold $100 of T Shirts.

The ABC Friends  attendance at the Open Day was a great success. We illustrated our support to the ABC staff on site and had conversations with personalities like Pip Courtney of Landline.

Thanks to all who helped and we look forward to seeing you at our next activity.

Ross McDowell


1 Response to “ABC Open Day – October 11”

  1. 1 Gideon Kibret November 24, 2014 at 11:53 am

    I am sure there are many politicians particularly from the right side who would like to see the end of public broadcasting and some have openly stated their wish as such. It seems that many politicians have figured out that the best way for them and their coherts to remain powerful is to dumb down public consciousness and conversation. For them the role of the media is to keep us spending all our leasure time watching ideotic TV shows; listening to and watching bumbling cliché-ridden speech by politicians and other persons of influence; being entertained by music and art work of the lowest quality; watching and listening news dominated by the private and often downright silly actions of celebrities.

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